Ever Auburn Scholarships

Ever Auburn Scholarships will create new opportunities,
now and into the future

Ever Auburn Scholarships will open Auburn's doors wider to high-performing students who face the challenges of affording an Auburn education. Your gift of an Ever Auburn scholarship can support prospective and current students, to help ensure they receive the benefits of the full Auburn experience.

For more information about establishing an Ever Auburn Scholarship, email ever.auburn@auburn.edu
This is the Auburn Family

Tomorrow belongs to the brightest students of today

Why we are doing this

Ever Auburn is our opportunity to change lives — like those of Donovan, Julia and Caleb. A college degree is the best path to independence, security and a bright future. Many in the Auburn Family know what it means to come from backgrounds where money was scarce and working multiple jobs was necessary to get through college. The same ambition burns within today’s students. They share a work ethic and a fierce hope for the future.

An old black and white photograph of Samford Hall in 1890.
Why Ever Auburn?

As a land-grant institution, Auburn is embracing its responsibility to make the Auburn experience accessible to students who have the intellect, the drive and the desire — but not the means — to attend. Ever Auburn Scholarships will make Auburn a reality for students who otherwise could only dream of it, ultimately creating a ripple effect that impacts families, communities and society, now and into the future.

“Owing much to the past, Auburn's mission makes its greater debt ever to the future”

- Ralph B. Draughon, Auburn University President (1947–1965)

Now is the Time

You can help Auburn be more competitive for bright students with financial need. Every member of the Auburn family knows the Auburn Creed is a call to our best selves that elevates the values of hard work, justice, education and the human touch.